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Colegio Americano Saltillo

Who we are

About Us
Our vision
Being a humanist, multicultural and high performance school.

Our mission
Participate in the development of capable, authentic people who are determined to actively pursue their personal well-being and that of others.

Compass program
Our learning and teaching is based on our Compass Program.
The Compass Program is our shared belief and solid foundation that guides our students education to prepare them for a lifelong learning and to develop a strong national identity and sense of service.

- We are focused on developing our students as a whole: socially, intellectually and physically to help them reach their full potential.

- We inspire our students to develop and embrace the use of communication and digital, thinking and innovation, environment and global awareness and personal and social competencies across their subjects and each levels.

- We innovate and create a safe, engaging, challenging and differentiated learning environment and community through an everyday practice of real-world situations in their schooling to prepare them for the demands and the continuing changes of the world.