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Colegio Americano Saltillo

Human Development

Angelina Torres Azar

Human Development Coordinator

[email protected]

Our purpose is to be a school where we promote an environment of respect and where we distinguish ourselves by our sense of service.

Each and every one of our students lives in harmony and always seeking for their well-being and others.

Place where we live our founding values, respect, honesty, commitment, and responsibility.

Make a difference by setting a good example. We are convinced that actions speak more than words and we do so by complementing our Conscious Discipline program with an experiential calendar of principles with concrete actions per month, videos, film screenings, workshops, conferences, parenting school, and community support with the help of our Human Development Department. By these means, we are focused on the potential and development of our students in an integral way, as in the socio-emotional, intellectual and physical to help them reach their full potential.

We constantly promote values and discipline, inviting to participate and connect with each other: students, teachers, parents, community and the world.