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Colegio Americano Saltillo

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Entrega de Material - Primaria

Our Elementary Team welcomed both our returning and new families with open arms and open hearts in our special material delivery day. We were thrilled to share this adventure with you and know that we will have an amazing school year!!

#COLAM #BackToSchool #WOLVES


El registro se abrirá hasta el sábado 5 de septiembre de 9:00 horas a 15:00 horas

Entrega de Material - Secundaria

Amazing opportunity to welcome and see our students!

Turn out for Colam delivery was impressive. Parents and teachers showed their appreciation.
Smiles, emotions and happy faces were present.

Congratulations! Musical Shows

Congratulations! Today we would like to celebrate our students Ingrid Aleyda Fuantos Ibarra and Priscila Rodriguez Ramirez for their participation in our 3 musicals.
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